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Stone curbs production

In world curbs are made using different methods. The methods are different due to the usage and price. Choosing the best method is due to the production equipment s and stone. There are two main methods in curbs production.

Stone cutting by machines

In this method the stone is placed on the Stone cutting machine wagon, then longitudinal cut is done with desired thickness and height. After each stone is taken to the place where the longitude is measured and then the stone is cut in the right longitude.

Stone cutting by diamond wire

In this method stone coup is places under the cutting wire, then a plate is cut . next the stone is placed on Stone cutting machine wagon and is cut according to the desired thickness.

In this method due to the usage of new equipment s and new methods the speed and and accuracy is higher. The production time is also shorter and in a short time high area will be cut. This method is also affordable.

The curb’s price is determined by the its dimensions and thickness.

For more information about the price and ordering contact our sales expert.

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